What is considered an orthodontic appliance?

An orthodontic appliance is simply a dental device that is manufactured specifically for the treatment of a dental condition. There are many different types of braces and they treat a number of problems, such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw irregularities, even snoring and sleep apnea. A bite plate is a small acrylic appliance with metal clasps that are attached to the inside of the upper teeth. Bite plaque is generally used early in treatment to help correct a deep bite (when the upper teeth overlap too much with the lower teeth).

Using a chewing plate can be very strange and uncomfortable at first. Orthodontic appliances are tools used to help straighten teeth, prepare teeth and mouth for braces, and support the braces process. Aligners are used full time, day and night, except when eating, and are suitable for treating a wide variety of orthodontic problems. For patients who need braces to solve their orthodontic problem, but want the braces to be completely invisible.

The bite plane is made of wire and acrylic, which an orthodontist can remove or cement in place. The plates can also serve as retainers that are worn at night at the end of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment to maintain the result of the treatment. These retainers effectively maintain the alignment of the teeth and, at the same time, allow controlled and tiny movement of the teeth, which orthodontists refer to as “settling”. It is usually used for patients who had a large gap between their front teeth before orthodontic treatment.

Where it is appropriate to use this device, it will be part of the initial phase of orthodontic treatment. This technique has the advantages of efficient and frictionless orthodontic dental movement, long appointment intervals that reduce the frequency of orthodontic adjustments, and the development of dental arches compatible with facial anatomy to produce beautiful, wide smiles.


is a partnership between the patient and the doctor, so you must do your part to help complete your treatment successfully and on schedule. Orthodontic appliance technology has evolved, especially over the past decade, and includes a state-of-the-art self-ligating orthodontic appliance.

Spacers are small rubber donuts that can be placed between the teeth to separate them so that orthodontic bands can be placed during the next visit.

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